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The suite is modular in nature, but its true power lies in the tight integration between analysis, design and detailing programs. PROKON is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers and intended for use by structural engineers and technicians.

The software provides quick and reliable answers to everyday structural engineering problems:. Some modules can be used stand-alone, or in conjunction with others. The suite offers a powerful workflow from structural analysis, steel and concrete design, and detailing. Likewise, you can manually detail a concrete footing in Paddsor design the footing in the Concrete Base Design module and have it generate a drawing and bending schedule for you. When it comes to ordering PROKONyou can tailor your license to your unique requirements by including only those modules that you really need.

You also have the option of configuring two program sets in your license: each set with a unique selection of modules. For example, one set in the license may be geared for the steel designers in your office e. This flexibility allows you to minimise your financial expense while still maintaining optimum work flow between team members. Work at your desktop in the office, at a branch office, in the field, or at home. Depending on the status of your license, technical support and program updates collectively referred to as software maintenance is available free of charge:.

Refer to the relevant product pages for more information. Text Size. By Engineers, for Engineers PROKON is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers and intended for use by structural engineers and technicians.

Being modular means you can order only the modules you need; no need to pay for features you don't use. You may have a special project, for example, that requires certain design modules that you would not normally use.

The number of simultaneous users is determined by the number of workstations contained in your license. Software maintenance program updates and technical support is included for one year. During the rental period, you can obtain free technical support and program updates. Software maintenance is available for a period on one year after purchase. More information Purchase options Price list Try before you buy Order online. Latest Revisions.

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Past revisionsWe operate using best-in-class safety practices on every project. Ranked as one of the leading mining contractors in North America, Procon has earned a reputation as a trusted partner.

With industry-leading skills we can be relied upon to deliver projects safely and responsibly — on time and on budget.

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Our respect and mutual friendship allows for excellent relationships and successful mining operations wherever we go. Established inand headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Procon is one of the leading mine development contractors in North America. Our comprehensive skillset includes the ability to build and operate even the most complex underground mining development and civil infrastructure projects, often in remote Northern locations and working with Indigenous partners.

Procon operates across Canada and in select international locations. We also offer comprehensive safety consulting and training to our clients. Our Mission is to ensure the highest standards in mining safety, development and operation to our mining clients around the world through our experienced and talented team of professionals. A Full Service Provider meeting the unique needs of mining and civil industries.

A Trusted Partner Ranked as one of the leading mining contractors in North America, Procon has earned a reputation as a trusted partner.Pro-Con is the largest independent paper converting company in the United States. Each location offers comprehensive paper converting, warehousing and distribution services and the ability to finish and deliver your products to any U.

We continue to invest in new technology, ensuring that our systems seamlessly integrate with yours.

We provide unparalleled service to the web printing market with first line, mill branded and guaranteed products. Utilizing our extensive converting and mill inventory management expertise, Pro-Con alleviates the usual delays associated with paper mill manufacturing cycles by providing custom and standard web products in a timely manner.

Most of our team members have previously worked for paper mills or printers and know this industry inside and out. Your customer service representative serves as one point of contact and focuses exclusively on your business. We have enormous resources and unparalleled capabilities, but we know our success comes from paying attention to the finest detail so that our paper mill, merchant and printer clients can grow market share.

As a result, the largest mills in the United States trust Pro-Con to be not only their converter, but also their strategic partner.

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We have five locations across the United States near major print markets: Appleton, Wisconsin Hazleton, Pennsylvania New Hope, Minnesota Pomona, California Raphine, Virginia Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Each location offers comprehensive paper converting, warehousing and distribution services and the ability to finish and deliver your products to any U.We are equally committed to providing the best engineered solution whether you are a small company requiring a single platform weigh scale or a multinational requiring the design and supply of a full turnkey control system.

Procon operates a comprehensive service, support, installation and commissioning facility throughout the UK and the rest of the world, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Procon supplies a complete range of weigh equipment including load cells, indicators, scales and platforms of all sizes and capacities. The Procon Boiler Acoustic Steam Leak Detection system is designed for use in power generation plants to detect steam leaks the moment they begin, which allows time for planned scheduled shutdown of boilers at an optimum time.

Procon designs, manufactures and installs a full range of belt-weighers and weigh feeders for a number of different applications and market sectors. Procon has extensive experience in the design, manufacturer, installation, commissioning and support of specialist safety critical weighing systems. Procon Engineering places great emphasis on after sales service and support. We operate a comprehensive service, support, calibration, installation and commissioning facility throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Our contract maintenance schemes ensure your plant is maintained at peak potential and we support and cover both our own and most other manufacturers weighing products and systems. System failures can mean production loss and our maintenance teams are trained to provide onsite support and maintenance which helps limit downtime and loss of productivity.

For contracted customers this means 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of turnkey solutions for process control and weighing systems, Procon Engineering provides fully integrated process control solutions, from the primary measurement level through modern interfaces to complete PLC, HMI, PC and SCADA systems.

Procon offers a full package from system feasibility studies and process evaluation, to system design and software development — using our in-house application software engineers — to panel building, commissioning and maintenance. Procon provide comprehensive and diverse range of weighing products to suit a number of industrial and commercial settings. This results in substantial reduction of repair times and costs with a consequent increase in plant availability and profits.

The early detection of a tube leak will give financial savings, which will easily exceed the initial capital cost of the detection system even at the first event.

Procon Engineering designs, manufactures and installs a full range of belt weighers and weigh feeders for a number of different applications and market sectors. We have a proven track record of accuracy and performance working in the most hostile and unforgiving environments. Procon Engineering has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and support of bespoke special products in particular specialist safety critical weighing systems, featuring redundancy and diversity for optimum reliability and performance.

Where necessary load cells are designed to withstand high levels of overload or extended temperature ranges, while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

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The service team is multi-skilled which means that whether you have one site or many, Procon can look after all your weighing and non-weighing equipment. Procon manages a unique online service database in which customers with password-protected access can view the calibration status, due dates and full details of all their equipment at the press of a button.

All application systems are bespoke and developed in-house by our own application software engineers and supported by our service team. Electrical, electronic and pneumatic control panels, including MCC and multibay units, are built in-house specifically for each project using standard components. Panels are functionally tested and fully documented prior to installation and commissioning.For example, if we had the results of 100 pieces of students' coursework, we may be interested in the overall performance of those students.

We would also be interested in the distribution or spread of the marks. Descriptive statistics allow us to do this. How to properly describe data through statistics and graphs is an important topic and discussed in other Laerd Statistics guides.

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Typically, there are two general types of statistic that are used to describe data:When we use descriptive statistics it is useful to summarize our group of data using a combination of tabulated description (i.

We have seen that descriptive statistics provide information about our immediate group of data. For example, we could calculate the mean and standard deviation of the exam marks for the 100 students and this could provide valuable information about this group of 100 students. Any group of data like this, which includes all the data you are interested in, is called a population.

A population can be small or large, as long as it includes all the data you are interested in. For example, if you were only interested in the exam marks of 100 students, the 100 students would represent your population. Descriptive statistics are applied to populations, and the properties of populations, like the mean or standard deviation, are called parameters as they represent the whole population (i.

Often, however, you do not have access to the whole population you are interested in investigating, but only a limited number of data instead. For example, you might be interested in the exam marks of all students in the UK. It is not feasible to measure all exam marks of all students in the whole of the UK so you have to measure a smaller sample of students (e.

Properties of samples, such as the mean or standard deviation, are not called parameters, but statistics.

Inferential statistics are techniques that allow us to use these samples to make generalizations about the populations from which the samples were drawn. It is, therefore, important that the sample accurately represents the population.

The process of achieving this is called sampling (sampling strategies are discussed in detail here on our sister site). Inferential statistics arise out of the fact that sampling naturally incurs sampling error and thus a sample is not expected to perfectly represent the population. The methods of inferential statistics are (1) the estimation of parameter(s) and (2) testing of statistical hypotheses. We have provided some answers to common FAQs on the next page.

Alternatively, why not now read our guide on Types of Variable.

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Descriptive Statistics Descriptive statistics is the term given to the analysis of data that helps describe, show or summarize data in a meaningful way such that, for example, patterns might emerge from the data.

Typically, there are two general types of statistic that are used to describe data: Measures of central tendency: these are ways of describing the central position of a frequency distribution for a group of data. In this case, the frequency distribution is simply the distribution and pattern of marks scored by the 100 students from the lowest to the highest. We can describe this central position using a number of statistics, including the mode, median, and mean.

You can read about measures of central tendency here. Measures of spread: these are ways of summarizing a group of data by describing how spread out the scores are.

For example, the mean score of our 100 students may be 65 out of 100. However, not all students will have scored 65 marks. Rather, their scores will be spread out. Some will be lower and others higher.Want to be notified when our article is published. Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know. Your wealth this year may not come in the form of windfalls, but rather a regular income through work that is steady in nature.

Difficulties may arise but you find yourself being able to solve all issues at the eleventh hour. In terms of investment and wealth creation, be careful and do not commit to anything hastily.


Work progress and speed may change. To avoid these pitfalls, approach your job with a positive mindset, a good attitude and treat your work seriously. It may lead to further issues related to anxiety, worry, bad tempers and a jeopardized career as a result. Take note of these issues and again foster a positive outlook. Be communicative and respect yourself as well as your partner.

Focus on your loved one and be more thoughtful. There is a possibility that arguments and even a relationship crisis might occur due to a cumulative effect of arguments, so by being loving, caring and attentive, this can be avoided. Avoid smoking and alcohol, and instead focus on relaxing and resting your mind and spirit. If you have any nagging mild illnesses, treat them immediately. Snake, Rat, Dragon'Monkey' people are extremely intelligent, witty, fast learners, manipulative and competitive.

Challenges are what make the 'Monkey' person motivated to move along the path of greatness. No challenge is too great from them. They exhibit good interpersonal and social skills, but oftentimes, they can be selfish, cunning, jealous and egoistic. They often think too highly of themselves and have little respect for others.

People born under this sign are overflowing with talent and wealth.

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Adelina Pang is the Principal Consultant and Founder of Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd. She is a qualified Fengshui consultant and professional trainer. Career for Monkey - 2017 Work progress and speed may change.

Love for Monkey - 2017 Be communicative and respect yourself as well as your partner. Health for Monkey - 2017 Avoid smoking and alcohol, and instead focus on relaxing and resting your mind and spirit. Years of the Monkey 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932.

Compatible animals for Monkey Snake, Rat, Dragon Your personality: Monkey 'Monkey' people are extremely intelligent, witty, fast learners, manipulative and competitive. Click on your zodiac animal sign to obtain your daily reading.These are useful tips for people who have an intolerance to gluten or people who suffer from a wheat allergy. They remind you of the good things that you can do even if you follow this diet.

I think it's a good forum. It offers you a positive outlook on the diet. Did you know October is National Celiac Awareness Month. I have recently been diagnosed with gastro-paresis and part of that includes living gluten free amongst other intolerances so it's been a big lifestyle change but we've found inspiration and fun recipes so you can still enjoy food.

We cannot provide specific nutritional or health advice and would always recommend consulting a health professional to find the best diagnosis and treatment for any symptoms.

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Be the first to suggest a tip for this recipe. Got your own twist on this recipe.

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Or do you have suggestions for possible swaps and additions. Cater for everyone this Christmas. BBC Good Food has everything you need, from healthy recipe suggestions to vegetarian. See our how to section. Get in touch More recipesGet in touchSubscribe to the magazineBBC Good Food eventsGood Food TV channel This website is made by BBC Worldwide. BBC Worldwide is a commercial company that is owned by the BBC (and just the BBC).

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